Standard Operating Procedures

At orientation you will review each Standard Operating Procedure listed below.

If you would like to review each policy at your own pace, click the following link Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Dress Code and Appearance (104.48)
  • Social Media (102.03)
  • Teleworking (104.66)
  • Employee Standards of Conduct (104.47)
  • Unlawful Harassment ( Includes Sexual Harassment) (104.46)
  • Secondary Employment (104.50)
  • Working Hours, Overtime, and Compensatory Time-FLSA (104.37)
  • Tuberculosis Screening of Correctional Personnel (507.03.15)
  • Workplace Violence (104.06)
  • Technology Policies & Procedures (105.01)

Onsite Random Drug Testing

The agency implemented Onsite Random Drug Testing in April 2006. Employees, randomly selected by the Human Resources Administration (HRA) for drug testing, are tested onsite. As drug test laboratories are normally a distance from the work site, this change results in less time away from the job. Conducting drug testing onsite, as opposed to using drug test laboratories, results in an estimated annual $50,000 savings.

The Department of Corrections is committed to a drug free work force. All screening of applicants and employees is conducted in accordance with applicable guidelines and regulations.

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