Correctional Officer Testing Information

ALL Correctional Officer Applicants must pass the POST Entrance Exam (Accuplacer Test) to be considered for employment opportunities. 
Vacancy information is located on the GDC Employment website at   

POST Entrance Examination (Accuplacer Test)

On December 10, 2008, POST Council adopted the ASSET and COMPASS test as the official POST Entrance Examination (Accuplacer). Therefore, effective March 1, 2016, the official entrance exam will be the Accuplacer test required for admission to the Technical College System of Georgia colleges. When an individual passes the required POST entrance exam (Accuplacer), the individual has met the state requirement for the POST certification application process. Individuals may test at any Technical College System of Georgia location, and details on how to schedule an appointment to take one of these tests are available from these locations. The POST entrance exam access form will be required to take this exam for the purpose of attending any basic law enforcement course, and this form may be obtained from the POST web site. Please be aware that if an individual can prove successful completion of other college admission tests which are provided at the end of this notice, they will be deemed to have satisfied the requirements of the POST Entrance Examination (Accuplacer). Applicants obtaining a passing score on the POST Entrance Exam (Accuplacer) may be considered for Correctional Officer vacancies.  

The POST Entrance Examination (Accuplacer) consists of two sections:

■ Reading Comprehension - The ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension section of the exam consists of 20 questions which test your ability to identify the differences between main ideas and supporting ideas and understand direct statements, inferences, and applications within a literary text.
■ Sentence Skills - The Sentence Skills section of the ACCUPLACER exam consists of 20 questions that test your knowledge of syntax, specifically targeting the ability to recognize complete sentences, identify coordinate and subordinate clauses, and use clear sentence logic.  
Information to bring to the POST Entrance Examination (Accuplacer):
■ Applicants should bring a government issued ID card (Driver’s License).

POST Entrance Exam (Accuplacer) Results
Below are the minimum scores required for satisfying OCGA § 35-8-8 regarding completion of the POST entrance examination (Accuplacer test). Both sets of scores will be valid.

Reading Comprehension 55 Sentence Skills 60
Next Gen Reading Comprehension 224 
Next Gen Sentence Skills 236
Please note: TCSG may charge a fee for taking the test. The fee ranges from $15.00 to $25.00 based upon the school. POST has no authority to regulate this.

Exceptions: There are only three certifications that will allow someone to not have to take the POST Entrance Exam (Accuplacer test): Basic law enforcement (PBLE), Corrections Officer (PBCO) and Probation Officer (PBPO).

POST Entrance Exam (Accuplacer) Re-testing:
The re-test policy allows applicants to take the POST Entrance Exam (Accuplacer) after 1 day.

 POST Entrance Exam Results
Below are the minimum scores required for satisfying OCGA § 35-8-8 regarding completion of the POST entrance examination.

Sub-Test Scaled Score
Next Gen Accuplacer Reading 224
Writing 236
Accuplacer  Reading 55
Writing 60
Numerical * 34
ASSET Reading 38 Reading 38
  Writing 35
  Numerical 35
COMPASS Reading 70
  Writing 32
  Numerical * 26
SAT Verbal or Critical Reading 430
  Math 400
ACT Verbal or English & Reading 18
  Math 16
CPE Reading  75
  Math 75
  English 75

* Score is used for evaluation purposes only and does not determine whether a candidate successfully passes the exam. Persons attending a BLETC at one of the Technical Colleges in Georgia are required to achieve this minimum score.


POST Entrance Exam (Accuplacer) testing locations can be found in the Employment Testing Information section of this website.

NOTE: Testing varies by location, please contact the test location directly to get testing information, directions, etc.